TX Property Codes and Peepholes | Houston Property Management

As property managers, it is imperative that we help our clients and property owners keep their rental homes compliant with TX Property Codes and installing Door Viewers AKA Peepholes is just one part of the process. Property Codes for rental homes can be a little different compared to the property codes you may be familiar with for building or renovating a home. Exterior doors on rental properties have specific requirements for the number and type of locks and all exterior doors must have either a door viewer, peephole, unless part of the door is glass.  The exterior door that leads to the garage is included in these requirements.

It is also of utmost importance to me as a Property Manager and as a mother of two, to keep tenants safe.  At Guardian Property Management, we align ourselves with the most reputable vendors, including locksmiths, to keep our properties up to the latest Property Codes to keep our tenants safe and our property owners compliant.

We could easily try to save a buck here and there rekeying locks ourselves to maximize our profits, but I am not a professional locksmith, I am a professional Property Manager.  I value my tenants’ safety and I value protecting my property owner clients’ real estate investment.

If you’d like more specific information regarding TX Property Codes and rental homes, check out this video.

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